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If I lay close to the wall nobody would see me anyway.
There was a guy who lived there, probably in his twenties and once in a while I could see him walking around in the room if the lights are on.
His apartment window overlooked the balcony. Sirenacttt tablet porn free online.
I lie down and enjoy the warm rays of sun beating against my back and legs.
It’s so relaxing, I feel quite sleepy and not able to focus on my book.
I instead listen to music and let my mind wonder.
I think about Tracey and Clare, my best two college friends. Costa rican ass.
They only yesterday went on the nude bike ride, an annual event where thousands of people, take to their bicycles wearing little or nothing while some get their bodies painted.
I think it’s a rally for liberation and freedom, and I suppose the lack of clothing demonstrates their commitment.

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I could not believe that Tracey and Clare had the confidence and nerve to go through with it.
I could never imagine me parading naked, not even topless.
I am generally quite shy and inhibited.
I was brought up on the extreme side of conservatism. Horney moms.
I think about what it would be like to be a happy go lucky person, not worry about anything and just be carefree and enjoy life.
I wish I had more of that in me.
I was at the bike ride to see them off and give them support, and to take their phones and wallets as they stripped. Wet pussy plano texas. Swinging..
Tracey had on only a cotton pink thong and no top.
She bared her quite large breasts.

Thousands arrived to cheer the cyclist on and I bet their real intention was to take in the view of naked girls and guys in public. Lil midget sista.
Clare went totally naked.
Her whole body was painted dark blue but she still had everything on display even her pubic region.
I am lying in the sun and imagining myself doing what they did, being confident in my body and not caring what others think. Genuine free adult sex chat sites.
I imagine joining my friends on the naked bike ride next year.
This would be contra my inhibitions and naturally introverted personality.
I imagine myself taking my top off in public at the start of the ride and then going even further and pulling off my panties and then riding away with the wind caressing my naked skin. Hugh gay black cock.

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