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Are they just tempting me now?” I groaned, hitting the wall.
I just opened my door and made my way towards the living room.
As I made it there, I strolled to the couch.
I lay down on it and put my left hand onto my forehead.
“Shit, the concept of them is just making my head feel like it has a spike in it and my heart is feels like its bouncing around in my chest.

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So, I ask Collette and then what? What if she freaks out?” I went to the kitchen and retrieved some aspirin.
“I hope this helps,” I said, taking a couple and getting something to drink.
Then I sat back down for a few minutes and tried to calm down.
“It sounds like someone is coming,” I stammered, before I immediately leaned up and looked towards the hallway.
“Hey, Mom,” Lexi greeted me, as they both ambled towards the kitchen in wearing fresh clothes.
“Hi, I can see you two actually came out for some air.
” “Yeah, I guess we’ve been under the radar a bit lately,” Lexie replied, looking in the fridge.

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A few seconds later, Lexi rose up and shut the fridge door with a couple sodas in her hands.
“Well, you have a nice daughter to hang with, Miss Jacobs,” Monica answered, looking at me, while standing right behind Lexi.
“I can’t help it, she is so irresistible,” she told me, hugging Lexi with her head on Lexie’ shoulder.
“I can definitely tell where she gets her good looks from: her hot mom.
” Monica hugged her like that right in front of me and her hands landed on Lexi’s stomach. Online domination distance email.

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