Eventually your thoughts drifted away, captured by the dance of life and then the wolf was all but forgotten.
The wolf was patient, but in no way understanding, because that is the nature of the predator; it serves and its desires are bloodied and unreasoned. Breast woman blowjob cock load cumm on face.
But inattention had brought out its wildish nature.
It quietly craved what had been put aside.
It bided its time.
The instincts of the beast are its keenest tool and because it was YOU, it listened… an ear on your world almost as if it awaited a trigger and it knew you were still at one. Black interracial subscribe email married mature.
Circumstance triggers an awakening, a need for the wolf once again because your human heart is pained.
The wolf’s return is courted and in the foray it glimpses a female energy as it’s not seen before.

Your needs are paramount and the beast returns but it is not the beast of old… The wolf craves something now, and it’s not what you expected. Naked indian busty standing.
The wolf is clever… instinctive… intuitive… it knows you better than you think.
It’s had time to learn, time to think, to observe, to reason and it’s changed but… it is still caged.
It needs to stand behind you like your shadow, to be part of you – and as such controlled, not as you would have it in the confines of the cage to lash out with its claws whenever emotions arise. Malissa midwest strip video.
But for this to happen it needs to have the gentle grasp around its throat, to be looked in the eye, to be shown that not all fear it.

It is not for you to do this.
So I look into the future now, and know until that happens you are a slave. Svarta nakna modeller flickor.
A slave to your emotions, a slave to the predator inside, and deep down you do not like that thought do you? Knowing full well it is true, you still allow the wolf to serve you in this way… and you serve him as a slave serves his master. Public gloryhole reality.
Look at the blood on your arm… the wolf licks at it with its rasping tongue, it solicits more to sate its appetite, and unless an understanding is reached it will become all-consuming.
And you will become its slave, totally. Christian speed dating maryland.
And what is a slave? A slave favours a limited existence; making the best of a bad situation, serves to ease existence for those who suffer: self pity is honoured, weakness is a virtue — for these are the most useful qualities to slaves and almost the only means for enduring the pressure of existence. Chubby women xxx streaming.

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