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I inserted my ring finger into Tara’s butt as well, while using my first to probe her cunt.
It was then that I felt something much larger pushing against my hole.
Again, I knew it could only be one thing. Fast paced cumshot compilation.
“You want me to fuck your ass?” Dave asked as I felt his large head rub against and lightly push into my backdoor.
He spanked my asshole a few times with his prick and I begged him to go for it.
“Euh!” I bellowed loudly as I felt Dave slowly slip his fat head past my sphincter. Getting back into dating after breakup.
I stayed virtually motionless as he drove his huge cock deeper into my ass.
It felt so fucking big at first, I thought I might actually split in two.
I hate to say it, but while this was happening Tara got pretty much left by the wayside. Naked women on webcam chats.

I still had three fingers buried inside of her but all I could think about was Dave’s immense tool as he started to thrust back and forth into me.
Tara wasn’t one to be left out of the party, though, so she moved over top of me, straddling my back, and pulled my butt-cheeks apart as Dave began to fuck me slowly. Amina7777 aribcs sexec.
“That is a beautiful sight!” she growled and then cheered Dave on as she watched his cock pound into me faster and faster.
“That’s it, baby! Fuck his ass!” I’ve had a couple of cocks bigger than Dave’s over the years but his was still huge and having it inside me felt astonishing: the heat of it, the way it filled me so fully and deeply, and just the particularly masterful way in which he used it made me cry out in both ecstasy and sweet agony—I can only imagine what it looked like to Tara as it went in and out of my stretched hole.

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The pleasure was incredible, but the pain of having that large tool inside of me became increasingly more and more prevalent.
I finally asked him to stop and said we should switch positions—and use more lube. Pleasure island ma amusements.
Tara moved off and over to the side of me as I flipped over onto my back.
Dave pulled me to the edge of the bed, lifted my legs, squirted a ton of lube onto my hole, and reentered me, quickly going back to thrusting hard. Pooping and peeing fetish porn videos.
That did the trick!

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