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I pulled the note from under my notebook and unfolded it.
As soon as I opened the note I read what Amanda had written.
“So when will you tell me what you did during your summer?” I looked at the note for a while trying to figure out exactly what I wanted to say. Coed fuck hard.
Finally after some debating I found what I wanted to say.

I simply wrote: “It was fun.
It’s nothing like here.
It’s hard to describe.
If you get the chance to ever go I can suggest some places that were phenomenal. Fur bikini top.
” Being happy with what I wrote, I folded the paper and waited until class ended so I can hand the note back to her.
The rest of the lecture was pretty much boring and felt like time slowly went by before the bell rang.

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I gathered up my folder and books and headed off to my next class.
As I was leaving Amanda was waiting at the door for me.
She looked at me and said, “So what did you write?” I smiled at her, “Read it for yourself. Snap sext.
I have to head off to my next class.
” I quickly walked off so I couldn’t see her reaction to what I wrote.

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