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Her bottom stung crazily, but she had lived out her fantasy.
She just wasn’t sure if she ever wanted to be spanked again.
Grace left Mrs Hunt to cry for a while rubbing her bottom and running her finger along Mrs Hunt’s pussy lips. Tittyfuck bikini.
Mrs Hunt started to recover as Grace rubbed her bottom and when she felt her fingers running along her pussy lips she even managed to part her legs.
Grace knew that meant Mrs Hunt was recovering and with a smile ordered, “Get up, Mrs Hunt. Swingers fuck carrigtwohill.
We need to get poolside to watch some more of the races.
” Mrs Hunt sighed with regret she wasn’t going to cum again but knew that Grace was right.
She eased herself up from Grace’s lap and, as she stood up, her hands rushed to her bottom and she rubbed her hot bottom cheeks feverishly as she stepped from foot to foot.

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Her eyes had cleared and she could see Grace smiling at her.
She thought about making a sharp teacher’ish retort, but realised the funny side of making a teacher do the spanking dance.
So she just kept on dancing and rubbing her bottom. Nila boob show.
There was another cheer from poolside and Grace ordered more urgently, “Get dressed Mrs Hunt.
We need to get going.
” Grace was already stepping back in to her bikini.
Even Mrs Hunt felt the urgency in Grace’s voice and, acting more like a naughty schoolgirl than a teacher, quickly got dressed back in to her gym kit. Merida gay pride.
She had enough wits about her to check in the mirror and was satisfied her short skirt still covered the redness of her bottom.

A couple of minutes later Grace and Mrs Hunt made their way poolside and sat on the benches reserved for teacher san d swimmers A race had just started, and both Mrs Hunt and Grace cheered the swimmers on. Lactate tits suck.
Becky was one of them.
Grace was relaxed whilst Mrs Hunt struggled with her sore bottom.
Mrs Hunt leaned over to Grace and whispered, “My bottom is stinging much more than I expected.
I can now see why you girls struggle after a spanking. Cheating wife phone husband.
I really want to stand up actually.
” Grace smiled wickedly, but whispered back in a firm tone of voice, “No way, Mrs Hunt.

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