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We found a towel, cleaned Dawn up, and left Tina’s house with no one the wiser as to what the three of us had been up to… but with all three of us changed.
Epilogue – after that day at Tina’s, all three of us seemed to assume that threesomes would just be something that we did from time to time. Free sex chats without registrations or log in.

I had conversations with both Dawn and Mike about them, and everyone was very matter of fact and laid back about the subject.
Sadly, though… it was just not meant to be.
A couple of weeks after our threesome, Mike started dating Dawn’s cousin Jenny (who also happened to be one of her best friends). Free adult swinger personels.
Dawn loved her cousin, and so would not jeopardize things by promoting anything with Mike.

Mike was a solid guy, and would not dream of cheating on his girlfriend.
Instead, Dawn had to draw whatever satisfaction she could from the illicit knowledge that she was apparently far better at giving head that her cousin (who seemed to wear like a badge of honor how much she disliked sucking dick)… and from fantasizing about what might have been. The redhead from wedding crashers.

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