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Seeing the obvious apprehension on my face he continued.
Follow me to the local precinct.
I’ll give them my driver’s license and social security card, and they can do a background check on me, for you, within a couple of minutes. Tamara witmer porno.
What? I blurted out.
I want you to feel comfortable that I’m not a criminal, and am just looking for a boarder to share my condo.
Follow me.
I have the blue Honda Insight two cars in back of you.
I didn’t know what else to do, so I followed him to the police station. Shemale lesbian sex vieos.
He knew the cop at the desk.
An office worker behind the cop ran a background check on Blake, at the desk cop’s request, and Blake handed me the printout.
Clean! Will you at least look at my apartment? Blake asked, with a pleading tone. Free reality pornstar pix porn images.

What do I have to lose, I replied, Although, it’s hard to believe that you’d room with a pregnant woman.
He just laughed.
When we got to his building I found out that it was a luxury condo.
The doorman knew Blake by name. Christian dating oklahoma city.
As we rode up to the top floor in the elevator I was awed.
There is no way that I can afford this place.
I work as a paralegal, not a hedge fund manager.
You don’t even know what I’m asking, he laughed.
It was one of the nicest condo apartments that I had ever seen, certainly in Charlotte. Chubbylips04 www xxx free arab chat com.
It had a great view of the city.
It had two spacious furnished bedrooms each with its own bathroom, a completely glass wall in the living area with expensive and tasteful furniture, and a modern kitchen. Painful penis after sex with bleeding.
I’m sure that I was gap jawed.
How much? I asked.
Well I was going to ask 500 dollars a month, but since you’re a paralegal and I’m an attorney, maybe you can do some legal research for me on weekends.

I’ll give you the smaller of the bedrooms for 400 dollars a month. 1 chick multiple cum loads.
That’s less than half market! I said, flabbergasted.
That’s the deal, take it or leave it; it’s not worth my time to look around for someone else, he nonchalantly replied.
Blake moved all of my stuff up within an hour and gave me a tour of the kitchen, showing me how all the appliances worked. Group girls nude self pic.
By then it was about 6:30 p.
How about some dinner, he asked, rubbing his tummy I don’t feel like cooking tonight, so let’s go out, my treat.
Only if I treat you.
I said, still unable to wrap my mind around my good luck. Hot webcam models.
In a two hour meal we found out lots about each other, and I confirmed some more things that I had tried not to be too obvious about before.

At dinner I found that we had lots of things in common.
We both were adopted and never knew our birth parents. Fat clit lesbians.
He loves the same types of food that I do; we even ordered the same entree and salad at the restaurant.
He has the same optimistic outlook on life that I do.
He has a cute nose, almost as cute as mine, another feature that I’m proud of. Mia356sht exhibitionist online.
Also we both work in the legal profession and have a strong sense of justice.
We also have lots of differences.
He is two and a half years older.
He has different eye color, and differently shaped ears.
We grew up in a different parts of the country. Naked girl hairless pussy.
He hates country music (except Kellie Pickler’s videos) which is all that I listen to, and he is almost a foot taller and a hundred pounds heavier than I am.

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