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You are blocking the view as much as you can, as your fingers push up inside, caressing the moist internal walls of my sex.
I tighten my thighs, welcoming you, moulding my soft spongy flesh around your digits. The gym adult dating simulator.
But just then I feel the tube train slowing and people start shifting to get off.
We shuffle sideways to let people out.
Your fingers slip out of me, although you leave my zip undone, my panties bundled up to one side, exposed to any unsuspecting glance. Hot hipsexy pussy boobs aunty pic.
Casually, you bring your hand up as if to steady yourself, and I see the sticky glistening coating of my lubricating honey on two of your fingers.

Wet beyond the second knuckle – you went in deep.
You part the fingers slightly and I see a short ribbon of sticky secretion hanging between them. Adult dating site for us ip.
You raise your sticky fingers to my nose and I smell the familiar salty musky sexy scent of my cunt.
The scent of sexual arousal.
You put your fingers in your mouth and suck them, tasting my juices.
Luckily more people squeeze on to replace those who got off, and soon we are pressed into the corner again. Carbon dating analysis.
Without hesitation this time, your fingers burrow back inside my jeans, past my panties and through my bush straight into my sloppy wet slit.

Holding your hand still, you push your fingers in and out.
It is lucky that the sound of the tube drowns out the squish, squish, squish, of your fingers. Bart comic reed strip.
My breath starts to come in short gasps.
I can feel a dribble of my pussy juices running down my inner thigh, caused by your flickering fingers.
Flushing, I press my face into your shoulder and breathe into your neck. Surgery breast augmentation nyc.

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