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His cock was thick – much thicker than even Master’s impressive girth – and she felt it stretching her, his length almost bottoming out against her cervix with each thrust.
He reached up to pinch one of her nipples as he fell into a languid rhythm of withdrawing almost completely, pausing for the briefest of moments, and then pushing back into her fully; and she felt her body responding to his movements, the first warm waves building deep in her core. Taniafox live sex grils.
For a moment she relaxed, concentrating on savouring the pleasures being bestowed upon her by the man she was fucking and also by the other men still running hands across her body, fingering her asshole and stroking her skin; and then someone gently cupped her face and she opened her eyes to find another erect cock waiting for her, the bulbous head red and swollen, glistening with pre-cum.

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Without hesitation Kate stuck out a tongue to lick the clear fluid from his tip, and the man moaned and took this as his cue to push his cock between her lips, almost making her gag as he briefly touched the back of her throat before she reached up to grab his shaft. Kim petras a virgin.
With one hand helping control his movements, she found she was able to take him deeper into her mouth without issues, sucking on the tip and jabbing her tongue into his little opening, making him gasp; his reaction spurring her to tighten her grip on his cock and use it to jerk him off at the same time as he fucked her mouth. Cutie girlfriends nude.
It didn’t take long.
Unlike the man still buried deep in her pussy, the man in her mouth lacked stamina.
Without warning she felt him tense; his cock swelling slightly in her mouth as he suddenly grunted, frantically pushing his cock into her as he pumped semen down her throat, almost faster than she could swallow.

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Alongside the feeling of her pussy being stretched to its limits, it was all that was needed to tip her over the edge.
Kate felt her pussy weeping sticky fluids that leaked out from between her legs with each thrust over her lover’s thick cock as she bucked her hips down hard to meet his thrusts, the orgasm washing its way through her. Local sex finder in khulna.
The man who’d cum in her mouth barely had enough time to step aside before Kate found herself presented with the next hard cock; taking it into her mouth as eagerly as she had the first, using her hand to gently squeeze his balls to the man’s obvious enjoyment. Video voyeur italiani.

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