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If we liked each other and were comfortable with each other, she was willing to be disciplined.
I told her to be dressed in a nice dress or skirt, no jeans.
Also, she was to bring some sort of bag with her. Flix free tranny xxx.
If she still wanted to be disciplined after meeting me, she was to go to the ladies room, and return with her panties in the bag.
Before we were to leave, I would feel her under her dress or skirt, to make sure she had no panties on. Babe from russian dating site fucks.
We decided to meet at a restaurant near my house, so we didn’t have very far to drive.
She told me she would be wearing a nice blue skirt and a white blouse.
I got to the restaurant early and greeted her as she walked through the door. Joyforfun gay guys on webcam.
I asked them to seat us in an area where we had privacy and would have an intimate conversation.
Katie had a wonderful smile, bright blue eyes, and nice flowing hair.
It was really great talking to her about various things. Petite blonde teen gangbang.

She asked me about her upcoming discipline, and I explained it all to her.
She understood that once we began, her body belonged to me, to do with as I pleased.
Soon, she got up from the table and went to the women’s room. Transvestite riding dick.
Meanwhile, I paid the check for our meal and waited for her.
In a few moments, she returned with a nice colorful bag that she gave to me.
Katie stood beside me as I opened the bag and found a pair of very skimpy blue silk panties. Fish dating.
I put them back in the bag and told her to stand still.
My hand slowly made its way along her legs and under her skirt.
I first felt her bare bottom to confirm she had no panties on.
Then my hand went in front of her and she parted her legs a bit as my fingers felt the already wet lips of her sex. Chatroulette nantucket.
“You have passed your first test, now follow me in your car to my house.
” I said to Katie.
As I drove home, I looked in the mirror to make sure she was following me.
I pulled into my driveway and she pulled in behind me.

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I ushered her into my nice big living room, where we sat on the couch together and talked a little bit more.
Katie told me that she had been a very naughty girl in not returning phone calls to people, putting too much on her credit card, not caring enough about herself. Married looking for long term friendship.
“I believe my discipline can help you with all of these issues.
When you feel comfortable, stand up in front of me and then obey my commands.
Also, while I am disciplining you, always call me ‘Sir”.
I told her. Uncontrollable orgasm japanese.
Katie stood up and stood in front of me.
“Now raise up your skirt so that I may be able to view your body.
” Although she was quite embarrassed and did not make eye contact with me, Katie raised her skirt for me. I need a thick mobile girl tonite.

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