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“It’s their new outfits, the stupid Ordinal uniforms.
Changing looks for no reason other than it being a movie bugs the hell outta me.
What’s wrong with the classic Cardinal uniforms?” “Fantasy Wars?” Tanya asked as she caught up with them. Canadian real serious dating sites.
“I have to wait and see, but I think I’m going to sew up Sophia cosplays for both styles next year.
Cardinal and Ordinal.
She’s a badass.
” “Nobody cares what they’re goddamned wearing,” Mark looked at them incredulously. Danieluxiez uk webcam sites.
“I’m kinda with Mark on this one,” Will sighed dejectedly.
“When it’s like a long, stretched-out cutscene, it doesn’t even feel like Fantasy Wars anymore.
” “Well, they had to follow the game’s story, rather than adhere to the battle mechanics,” Brian jumped in, stepping through the crowds with Chloe in tow.

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“No one wants to sit there watching techniques charge up over several battle turns.
That wouldn’t work for a movie.
” “I think it’s cute,” Chloe shrugged.
“Oh my God, there’s another Kuma-yasha cosplayer!” Tanya squealed, pointing across the lobby toward a shirtless young man in hakama pants with fake oversized bear arms. Very busty lil girl.
“Chloe, can you get a picture of me and him together?” “Um, can’t Michael—” Chloe frowned, watching as Tanya trotted quickly away from them.
“I ain’t doin’ it,” Mike snorted, glaring with obvious jealousy at the Kuma-yasha cosplayer. Dating sim game for women.
“Right,” Chloe said, injecting false cheer into her voice and pulling out her phone to follow after Tanya.
“So… Brian, are you gonna do a movie-version Lance cosplay?” Emily asked, stepping forward quickly to fall in step at his side.

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“Hah, I can’t even do the normal one justice,” he chuckled, glancing around the lobby in appreciation, taking in the different costumes among the excited gathering of fellow fans.
Mike and Will were not-so-discreetly ogling a voluptuous girl cosplaying the demon Lamastu, her privates covered by skulls bound together with knotted string and little else. Nikki brazil flashing.
“Hey—check it out,” Brian nodded his head towards a pair of girls wearing skin-tight jester outfits posing together for a photo.
“Jessie Terr and Follis Fool, right?” “Yeah… they’re fuckin’ awesome!” Emily’s eyes lit up at the sight. Lick those balls.
The vixen twins were the jester-like assistants of one of the most well-recognized comic book arch-villains of all time, the Jokester, and had become fan-favorites for their outrageously sexy figures and sociopathic behavior.

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The two cosplayers were incredible, the seemingly haphazard stitching of the many scraps of black and red fabric that made up their bodysuits left little to the imagination, there wasn’t a single ill-fit piece or loose wrinkle—the girls might as well have been sewn into them. Dans gay movie.
The pieces of fabric were mirrored across the girls—sections of stitched-together costume that were ‘missing’ on Jessie were the portions that Follis wore, and vice versa; as if a single complete jester costume had been strategically cut apart, and then the pieces divided between two women. Hot chubby men.
Their faces were painted up in exquisite mime-like fashion, and every inch of their exposed skin was colored in that same ghastly unnatural white.

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