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Too much of a public place and too many people watching.
She came back and she purchased both vests.
– A bit expensive aren’t they, I asked.
– Shush, you are not paying for them.
As a professional woman she was making good money. Nude shaved asian galleries.
More than I.
So I guess I could not bitch about her expenses.
We went to the food court for the Teriyaki Chicken.
It was great tasting today, and we left the mall.
Now on to the “specialty” shop.
It turned out to be one of those porno shops where you could get all kinds of sex stuff. Ass latin lick.
She went straight into the BDSM section.
She had been here already looking and she knew exactly what she wanted.

She picked everything real quick and we went to pay.
I saw some items with straps/cuffs for hands and ankles. College lesbians sucking pussy.
A weird looking ball with some straps to tie around the head, a gag, and make the “subject” silent.
Then she also picked up a blindfold mask, to blind the “subject”.
Ok, I knew what the surprise was.
I hope that the mystery of not knowing what is coming may make the sex more pleasurable. 100 percent dating in italy.
I knew my Cleo would be violated, but what the heck, Cleo was already accustomed to that.

We got home and I went straight to our bedroom.
My wife did not have to say anything.
There I undressed real quick and laid on the bed waiting for my wife’s instructions.
– Get off the bed, go to the bathroom and close the door. Orgy phone sex.
Don’t come back until I call you.
Was her first orders to what was promising to be a whole new sexual experience for me.
I hoped that at the end she would be also very satisfied.
– Ok Come back came the order after some time. Flirt sexchat.

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