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Oh well, he’s gone now.
I double check the lock of my front and back doors.
Turning into my bed, my big comfy bed.
I love it.
It’s a queen sized.
Fit for a queen.
The thought made me giggle.
Shaking my head, I pick up my book and start to read. Glens falls married milfs.
Three long chapters later, the book felt heavy in my hands so I let it drop and drift off to sleep.
Soon I dream of his warm buttery chocolate eyes.
It wasn’t morning when I woke up, jerking out of my heavy sleep. Horny local molds.
What? My heart is pounding heavily.
Oh I left the lamp on.
The air is cold.
Too cold.
Shit I left the window open.
I move to close it but I can’t move.
What? I try again but something held me back.
My hands… Shit. 2 girls bdsm.
They are tied to my metal headboard.
they are handcuffed.
What… I stare at them with confusion.
I snap out of my shocked state and look around my large room.
My body jumps with a fright.
There’s a large silhouette by my bathroom door. Cam girl skype.
He seems to be wearing a hooded jacket and a pair of jogging pants.

“Who are you?” I tried to shout but my sleepy voice prevented me from doing it.
I cleared my throat.
A shushing noise occurred.
He was shushing me. Swinging bridge fish house.
What! The bastard… “Who are you?” I ask again, shouting loudly and panicking.
I keep pulling on my hands, wincing as the metal dug into my skin painfully causing me to yelp.
The man was closer to me, he examined my wrists with a frown. Whites gangbang black chisk.
The light from the nightstand lamp shone on his face.
I could see his face now.
It’s the mental man.
The one who wanted to ‘claim’ me.
” I breathed as fury grew inside of me.
“Yes, me.
Now don’t hurt yourself, Miss Grey. Nasty nastia.
” His voice was smooth like before.
My lips are suddenly dry so I lick them before taking a deep breath as I try to calm myself.
Wait, how did he know my name? “How did you know my name? Free me please,” I ask with a stern tone. Meet horny women lagoa.
” He simply told me and reached into his pocket, taking something out of it and brought it closer to my face.

Of course, I panicked.
I flinched away from his hands and saw the item in his hand.
It was a ball gag. Sexycumgurl23 webcam arab live sex chat.
He quickly put it on me and secured it around my head.
I tried to shout at him but I was unable to talk, the ball was in my mouth for goodness sake.
I try again but only muffled noises came out.
I scowl at him with frustration. Friends reunited dating discount voucher.
“You talk too much but I promise you we will work on it,” he told me, stroking my blushing cheek.
He yanked the duvet off of me and it was when I realised that I’m fully naked.
When did he do this? What the heck? Castro valley massages tall muscular attractive single guy. “Baby girl, you look so fine.
” His finger circled around my navel.
My body jerked from his touch and whimpered loudly.

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