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Lisa put her leg up as well and delighted in the electric shock that passed between them as their bare legs touched.
She pulled back the hem of her dress exposing her pussy to her best friend for the first time in several years. World sex models stripping.
Brittany’s eyes widened as she stared upon her friend’s very wet pussy.
The thing that stood out to her the most though was the changes.
Lisa had had her pussy waxed completely, there didn’t appear to be a single hair on her and on top of that, she had also had her clit pierced. Asian pantie upskirt.
Brittany was fascinated as Lisa began to play with her piercing.
It was only a small ball type but clearly, it was doing the job for her as she began to moan.
Brittany had the urge to ask a million questions but never got the chance. Load of cum inside her pussy.

“Okay Brit, you have to show me how easily those two fingers just slid into you.
” Brittany didn’t hesitate this time, in fact, she couldn’t wait to fill the aching gap.
She used one hand to spread her pussy lips apart which caused Lisa to moan and start rubbing her whole pussy, spreading her juices all over it. Big boob maria swan.
This just pushed Brittany on and she took the two middle fingers of her other hand and slowly just shoved them into her pussy.
She was easily as wet as last time and there was very little resistance as she felt her pussy spreading to accept the intrusion. Ruthenian dating service.
“Oh fuck yes Brit.
” Lisa had really started rubbing her clit hard and moaned her way through a small tremor as Brittany started to fuck herself with her fingers.

She was admiring the way Lisa’s pussy glistened as she spread more cum over herself. Canelahot sex chat games.
She was really dripping now and she could see it running down between her ass cheeks.
She really wanted to feel how smooth her friend’s pussy was and although she had never considered it herself she did think it made Lisa’s pussy look really inviting. Three way stop cock.
She wondered how her own pussy would look nude.
Lisa started to pump her own fingers into her pussy now and was really getting into it.
Brittany found herself matching Lisa’s rhythm.
They were both pumping wildly and Brittany could feel a tremendous orgasm building inside her. Alexxxandr81 sexchatru com.

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