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Here, in addition to comping the meal, let me get you both two homemade, extra special ice cream treats!” Nina looked at her boyfriend like they’d just dodged a bullet.
He smiled himself.
“That sounds great! Web cam girls xxx. Thank you.
I don’t hold anything against the restaurant, of course.
Accidents happen,” Ash said.
Zelda nodded slowly.
Everyone makes mistakes.
” Ash and Nina finished off their meal, gobbling up their food while exchanging the grins of having just pulled off yet another successful heist. Damadamr free porn chat usa.
“I didn’t think she’d go for it!” Nina whispered.
“Neither did I,” Ash replied in the same quiet tone, “But I guess I’m just too good a negotiator.
You’re lucky you brought me along!” The serving tray returned, but this time carried by Zelda herself. Hot pron big bos

She placed two glass bowls of the most delectable strawberry ice cream either had ever seen where their empty plates had been, followed by a pair of fresh spoons.
“Hope you enjoy your.
just desserts,” the woman said. Anal brutal insertions.
Ash took a spoonful before he noticed that Zelda hadn’t left.
She was just.
watching them.
It almost distracted him long enough to forget about the ice cream on his spoon.
But, well, it was free ice cream! Kim marsh milf porn. He’d have to be a fool to not at least taste it.
The moment the cold metal of the spoon hit his mouth and his tastebuds touched the icy treat, Ash was in a whole new world.
It was easily the best thing he’d ever tasted! Porn trailer wife. It took profound willpower to keep from just emptying the bowl into his mouth and gorging himself.
Looking over at his girlfriend, she was having a similar culinary experience.
He’d seen her make a similar face before, but it was immediately after he’d finished eating her out to completion for the first time.

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Whoever made this strawberry ice cream knew what they were doing! With a few licks of the rim, the ice cream was gone.
Ash felt a tinge of regret that it was all gone, but the deep satisfaction of having such a delightful dessert. Lubo4ka22 tgirl chat room.
There was the oddest sensation at the back of his throat, and the slight tingle on his tongue.
Was that.
bitterness? In ice cream? That didn’t make any sense at all! The residual saltiness made even less sense, though he thought about it and remembered hearing about how you could make homemade ice cream by putting salt in a bag and moving it around or. Looking for a little fuck single moms fun.

Maybe it was that? “I see you both enjoyed the dish!” Zelda said.
As if on cue, the waitress returned.
Her makeup had been fixed up to the point where it didn’t even look like she’d been crying. Perfect boobs webcam.
On the contrary, there was a devilish grin on her face that made Ash almost nervous.
He’d forgotten that she’d been standing there while he was devouring the ice cream.
“Uhh, yeah.
It was really good!” Ash replied. Kinkycouple89 free web cam xxx.
Nina nodded her agreement, which only made Lezlee’s nefarious smile grow even wider! Zelda herself looked as cool as a cucumber-flavoured gelato.
“I’m glad we could work out that little disagreement.
Especially after you were so cruel to a member of my staff. Any ladies going to omachi.
Lezlee might be a little dim, but she’s not dumb enough to botch an entire order.

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