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I am wearing my light blue cotton nightgown with cap sleeves and a low neck line.
I slip my left hand through the top opening of my nightgown and begin caressing my right breast.
I slowly run my fingers over my nipple until it stands erect. Humilation chat bot.
Now I move my hand to my left breast and continue with the same gentle maneuvers.
I open my legs as wide as I can.
I reach for my hand held mirror and place it right in front of my glistening sex so that I can watch as I pleasure myself. Helene trobec.
My right hand is inching its way down as my left hand lifts my nightgown up to my waist.
My fingers are slowly and gently massaging the moist lips of my pussy.
Then I slide them down a bit further into my juicy opening. Good random dating questions.
My wet fingers move their way up to my hot bulging clit.
I move my fingers around in gentle circles.
I feel my clit getting more and more swollen.
My index finger slides to the left side of my clit, while my middle finger slides to the right side.

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My clit is pinched between the two fingers and I begin to move them up and down over and over again.
And now with a bit more pressure.
The pleasure is becoming quite intense.
And my mind begins to wander. Sex in dayton ohio.
I see myself in someone’s bedroom.
It has the look and feel of the bedroom of a teenager.
There is an attractive woman sitting on the bed.
She has long black hair, bright green eyes and appears to be in her early 40’s. Amber dating sex offender.
She has the body of a mature woman, wide hips and full cleavage.
I don’t know who she is, but she looks like she’s very upset with me.
I am still wearing my light blue nightgown, but it is pulled up high above my waist. Deepthroat and puke.
I am laying over this woman’s lap with my white cotton panties bunched up around my knees.
I must have been here for a while because my bottom is quite red.
I am facing an open window and I can clearly see people in the house next door. Dating headlines list.
I believe they can see me too.

I lower my eyes in embarrassment.
My cheeks blush.
“Raise your bottom for me, dear.
” I obey without uttering a word, yet my thighs are met with a hard SMACK.
“You will respond to me when I speak to you. Weird looking for sweden guys.
Are we clear?” “Yes, Ma’am.
” Why am I complying? Do I even know this woman? I do as I’m ordered.
My rosy cheeks are high up to make things more comfortable for her.
and more humiliating for me.
The woman is slapping my bare butt with her open hand, over and over again, taking turns with each cheek. Head red slut.
I am lying helpless over her lap and whimpering.
I can feel the sting in my bottom and I know I am sorry for whatever it is that I may have done.
Finally, the spanking stops and the woman looks up.

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