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I’m guessing there is no one special in your life right now Pauline.
” “No Miss.
” He blushes again.
Martha leans up close to Paula, “You’re not afraid of women are you Pauline?” she whispered in his ear. Nude team photos.
“Um just nervous Miss.
I don’t think women will like me.
” “But why? Pauline you are very attractive you know.
” She bit his earlobe playfully.
“Thank you, Miss.
” Martha took another sip.
“Yes, I’m not really looking for what’s out there dancing either. Ukrainian dating ua.
Mind you Kevin, do you know him? Well, he is a fuck machine.
I can barely walk after a night with him.
My sister tells me you are very helpful at the office.
A very helpful person” Pauline still red in the face. Florence alabama nude.
“Thank you Miss.
” “Why don’t you grab a bottle of champagne, and we can go somewhere quieter.
” Martha said, more of a command than a question.

“Yes, Miss.
” Pauli grabed a bottle form the ice and a towel and hurried to catch up with Martha who was walking toward the elevator. Tity fuck in gloryhole.
When they got to the elevator, Martha stood there waiting.
Pauli hesitated for a second and then moved forward to press the button.
The doors opened and he waited as Martha entered.
“Top floor Pauline.
” Paula pushed the button for the penthouse. Online dating for singles.
He knew that Miss Sinclair’s sister lives up there.
When the door opened into the penthouse foyer, Martha stepped out and headed for the living room wich had a great view of the city below them.
Paula followed. Young gay twink free pics.

Martha opened a sliding door onto a small patio.
There was one chair.
“Pauline, make sure that chair is clean please.
” “Yes Miss.
” he moved to the chair and wiped it down carefully with the towel he brought. Hot southern girls nude pics.
Martha sat down and pointed to her now empty glass.
Paula opened the bubbly and carefully filled Martha’s glass.
“Have you made any New year’s resolutions Pauline?” “Well Miss, really my only resolution is to find a place to live. Big cock in dresses.
” “Oh well, that shouldn’t be too hard, should it?” “I hope not Miss.
” “But I’m speaking more of dreams and hopes and shaping your future.
That kind of thing.
Do you follow, Pauline?” “Yes Miss.
” Paula said quietly. Top songs for sex.

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