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John moaned and I could feel his cock grow harder.
His cock tasted quite good.
It had the typical taste of another person’s skin, only saltier.
I lowered my head further down to take his cock deeper.
I felt John’s hand on my head, pushing me down slightly. Harry mature men.
I could only get half his big dick in my mouth.
I started bobbing my head with rhythmic help from John’s hand.
I stroked his slightly hairy thighs as I sucked his cock.
He started breathing heavier and moaning loudly. Amateur milf flashers.
I loved the feeling of his cock sliding over my lips and tongue.
I loved massaging his cock’s head with my tongue.
I sucked with delight and great enthusiasm.
I felt John’s other hand on my head.
He pushed my head down on his cock as my mouth and throat was being filled with his cum. Humpin penis vagina.

I wasn’t prepared to take such a huge load so I gagged a bit and a lot of cum leaked out my mouth back on to his cock.
John moaned loudly and breathed heavily.
“Wow,” he said, “that was amazing.
” I thanked him and wiped my mouth of cum and saliva. Sexyjoy02 online video hot chat private.
I noticed just now how excited I was.
My cock was rock hard and throbbing.
I felt somewhat regretful that we had not made any arrangement to pleasure me as well.
But before I could ask for a hand job John asked if I wanted him to suck my cock. Live apartment cam xxx.
I didn’t say anything, I just nodded.
John pulled down my trousers and felt my throbbing cock through my underwear.
“You’re really big” he said.

I could not answer, I was too excited, I just smiled.
Girls had made several clumsy attempts at my cock before, but none as good as this man. Sex service.
He pulled down my underwear, my cock stood straight up, throbbing and dripping with pre cum.
He licked his lips and bent down.
The warmth of his mouth was almost enough for me to cum, but I managed to keep it together. Sexyinboll live pakistani web cam sex.
I felt his tongue dance around and play with the shaft.
John wisely stayed away from my cock’s head; that would have made me explode immediately.
I wanted to put my hands on his head, move my fingers through his thick hair. Winnipeg free adult video chat.
But I didn’t want to move, I wanted his blow job to last as long as possible.

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