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Do you agree?” Mike nodded and slowly pulled his thong off to reveal his semi erect cock to Victoria.
“I know how you love spying on me when I sunbath,: she said, “so now I am going to show you up close how I feel lying here nearly naked in the sun, knowing you are watching me. Hot naked slutty girls facial.
Victoria pulled the small patch of red material between her legs to one side to show Mike her smoothly shaved pussy.
Then she started slowly rubbing her fingers up and down each side of her pussy lips.
Her wetness was easy to see and it invited her fingers to slip easily over her skin. Gay hotels in brussels.
Whilst doing this she looked at Mike, his cock was now rock hard.
“Here’s the game, if you keep that erection for the next five minutes, I will suck you for 20 seconds.
“Okay,” groaned Mike.
Victoria removed her thong and continued to enjoy herself, a finger disappearing into the cleft between her legs. Mature interracial threesome sex pictures.
She did this ever so teasingly knowing she was really teasing Mike, while at the same time making her so horny.

After five minutes of fingering herself, she stopped.
“Good job Mike.
I see you are still rock hard. Lucas grabeel dating now.
Here’s your first reward.
” She sat up, wet her lips and placed them around Mike’s cock, slowly sliding up and down his rigid staff.
She sucked greedily and Mike moaned slightly acknowledging her expertise. Free full length thai porn movie.
But as promised, after 20 seconds she stopped.
“Now, back to my feet,” she told Mike.
He reluctantly did as he was told.
Victoria continued to masturbate, placing another finger into her pussy.
After a few minutes she removed her fingers and while looking directly at Mike, (and his still very erect cock) she sucked on both fingers, tasting her love juices. Gay germany lindberg.
She did this a number of times.
After a few minutes she stopped and she told Mike grab the suntan oil.
“Take some and cover your cock.
Make it all slick and masturbate for 30 seconds,” she told him, But part two of the game is, don’t cum, no matter what.

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If you do, the game is instantly over.
” Mike groaned, “I don’t think I can do that,” he said.
“What, masturbate for me?,” she asked harshly? “No, no, I can do that.
It’s the not cumming part I’d have trouble with right now,” he stammered. Jayne mansfield nude handjob.
She smiled evilly.
“Well then, I guess the game must be over unless you have a suggestion.
” Mike looked stunned.
Victoria thought for a moment that his erection might have even softened a little.
But looking again, no, that was not correct. Trisha uptown pantyhose addict.
But clearly Mike was racking his brain trying to think of something.
Suddenly he went over to the house and grabbed the hose.
Turning on the spigot, he sprayed the cold water down his front, cascading over his hard on. Gay video search engines.

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