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“Ahhh, it was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.
Better than this,” he said pointing to the porn that was still playing.
“That was to get you horny,” I told him.
“Well it work.
So you guys deliberately planned all this?” he asked. 10 inch tranny shemale.
“Yes, Liss wanted you to learn how to pleasure her more,” I said delicately.

“You’re not bad, but she felt you could do better if somebody showed you how.
We’re not here to hurt your feelings.
We wanted to give you a lesson and one that you could thoroughly enjoy too.
” “No, I feel like the luckiest guy, I can see how much a powerful orgasm you gave Liss. Two woman licking pussy.
She’s never done that with me before.
I can see how you pleasured her body and took your time with her,” Luke said.

“Fuck I’m just so horny now.
Look at my cock!” “Baby, I want to feel your cock in me,” piped up Liss. Darialaren usa sex malayalam talk.
The post orgasm glow lit her skin making her rosy.
“I’ll leave you two to it then,” I said.
I slid of the bed and went to my bathroom.
I could hear the faint murmurings from both of them and a deep moan from Liss and an audible grunt from Luke. Social network.

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