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I plunged in harder and harder, she seemed to open out near her cervix, every stroke sliding around the cervix.
“Ouch” I uttered.
Rose had started biting me, drawing blood.
I looked down at her face which was contorted as she continued to bite me; she was in a world of her own. Condom social marketing.
I could feel her vagina tightening, and I could not hold off any longer.
I flooded her with hot cum, spurt after spurt, hitting her deep inside.
As soon as my cum hit her cervix, she really tightened her hold on me as she convulsed, spasm after spasm racking her, until gradually she subsided. Fallout deathclaw.

I looked down to see that I was dripping blood where she had bitten me; in my climax the pain was ignored.
“What do you think Cathy? Do you want to have sex now?” I asked my niece.
‘Yes, I think so” said Cathy. Women seeking sex libya.
“Can I cum before so that I am relaxed?” “Of course, mum and I will make sure that you are ready, and you can stop at any time” I replied.
Rose had recovered her composure, and said to Cathy “I will go and clean Uncle Jim up, we will be back soon. Potasium chloride sperm.
Why don’t you play with your vibrator while we are in the bathroom?” When we were in the bathroom, Rose put a towel down on the tiles.

“Lay down Jim, you filled me with cum, now you have to empty me out!” Rose uttered in an assertive tone. Tna stranden naken fitta bilder.
She squatted over my face, and cum and her fluids started to bubble out of her vagina.
“Lick me clean Jim” said Rose.
Eagerly my tongue started to lick at her slit.
Luckily my cum tastes all right, and mixed with Rose’s fluids had a spicy taste. Deutschesex.
As she squeezed her muscles more bubbled out.

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