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The women all danced, and the gyrating of their hips, the sway of their breasts, and the way their hair whipped from side to side made the men in the audience sit up straighter.
The actor who came on with them was a beautiful, golden-haired boy, with a crown of real ivy and a lion skin tied around his nubile body.

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Some people in the audience (mostly women) gasped when they saw him.
Andrew tried to take a picture but froze; Mia stopped halfway through taking a sip of wine.
Stepping downstage, the boy actor said: “I am Dionysus. Updating schedule information outlook.
” Eros spat out his wine.
“But I’ve disguised myself as a mortal man and come here, with all my women who dance my rites, to teach the people of this land how to honor me,” he continued, his voice carrying all the way back to the back row and then up and out into the night, like birds escaping a cage.

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The audience stirred.
There was something strange about him.
He was round-faced and childlike, but his voice was strong and deep, and the redness of his lips looked beautiful and obscene under the stage lights. Marielylove hot webcum chat no registration.

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