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There was no way I was going to consider refusing; not even my marriage vows could prevent that.
I quickly reasoned to myself that supposing she granted me five seconds with my nose even a half an inch away from her beautiful young toes, then decided not to take this – whatever this was – any further, I could at least hold her incredible foot aroma in my nostrils, savouring it intensely as I jerk myself half to death after I arrive back home.
“Mmm, my pleasure,” I said, grinning wickedly at her. Busty czech gabriella.
I leaned slowly over the table, lowering my face further and further.
Karyn giggled across from me as she watched my features gradually disappearing under the soles of her naked feet.
I expected her to flinch as my skin touched hers; the tip of my nose gliding eagerly between the big toe and second toe of her silky right bare foot.

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She just sighed, gently stretching and flexing her gorgeous young toes as I finally got to smell them in all their glory.
I have never in my life suffered from premature ejaculation, however, this exact moment brought me damn close to shooting ropes of cum down my legs without even so much as touching my cock. Sperm whores cartoon horny pic shemale.
I inhaled for as long and as deeply as I could.
The smell between her smooth, inviting toes was intoxicating in the extreme.
I felt all five of her toes clasp into my face as she made them into a fist, playfully grabbing and squeezing my nose.
“Well?” she demanded, “how do they smell?” I kept my nose fully entrenched, gorging myself on her incredible foot smell, angling my head slightly to the left so that I could answer her with something other than a perverted grunt.
” I sighed.

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!” I thought to myself how valid her unwashed feet scenario may have been as I inhaled again and again, savouring repeated lungfuls of the girl’s glorious odour.
There was definitely a degree of tangy sweat blended with the remnants of some sort of soft skin foot cream from perhaps a day or two ago. Sexy whore lick penis and facial.
Had she indeed gone to bed last night with these wonderful, stinky feet after having gone for a run?, I wondered to myself as I sniffed and inhaled for all I was worth.

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