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At first, he just held it, and Julie could see the head puff up even more, and turn from red to a deep purple.
Then, he began methodically stroking his hand up and down.
Julie couldn’t believe she was actually watching her handsome son jerk off. Teach my ass silk.
Lightning bolts of desire struck her groin has Tyler silently manipulated the thin membrane of skin up and down the hard shaft it covered.
And thanks to the circumcision that she had performed herself, she never lost sight of the mushroom-shaped head as her son jacked his cock. Where a girls clitoris.
As Julie’s arousal continued to build, Tyler’s was starting to fade.

He suddenly began processing what he was doing in front of his mom, and almost immediately he started to lose his erection.
He accelerated his stroking motion to try to keep himself hard, but the more he thought about it, the softer he got. Man dating in slovokia.
It wasn’t long before Julie could see his shaft shrinking and the head beginning to deflate.
She was worried that she may have pushed him too hard and said, “Honey, are you alright?” “I don’t know, it just won’t say hard,” Tyler groaned, fearing he was disappointing her, and then he added, “I guess I just feel a little weird doing this in front of you.

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” “I understand, honey,” his mom said, trying to reassure him, and then she added, “But I’m also a doctor, so try thinking of it as me observing you for medical research… maybe that will work.
” “I wish it was that easy,” Tyler replied, still stroking his ever-softening penis. Public uk bondage flashing.
Suddenly Julie got a smile on her face and said, “Honey, I think I have something that might help… it seems to have worked before.

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