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I was lost to both reason and response, left with only animal grunts and incoherent babbling as I tried to let him know what I was feeling.
Suddenly it hit me like a thunderbolt.
“OHHHHFUUUCKKKKMEEE!!” I screamed out as I felt my world exploding.
“Oh, Michael! Fucking in the desert. I’m cumming baby, I’m CUUMMINNGGG!” I closed my eyes, yet I still saw flashes of intense light, like fireworks going off in front of me.

I heard the thunderous roar of my own heartbeat and my own screams which sounded strangely distant. Curly ginger.
My whole body was on fire and at the same time charged with electricity as the convulsions of my orgasm twisted and writhed within me.
Although it only lasted a few moments in reality, for me the agony seemed endless.

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But at last the orgasm worked its way through me and I collapsed, exhausted, panting, and still spasming occasionally into my brother’s arms.
He held me close, stroking my hair and gently rocking me as I came slowly back to myself. Search sex sex site site site swinger xxx.
And then something happened that I had never expected.
I began sobbing uncontrollably! “Oh, Michael!

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