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It wasn’t long before she gave a long deep sigh, her body shuddered, and my fingers became wet with her cum.
“Oh, my goodness.
That was amazing.
The last time I had a climax was with James; Far too long ago. Dating 3 guys.
” “Yes, and despite the naysayers, the sky didn’t fall in did it.
” “You’re right, so many wasted years because of those scare stories.

No more; Stress relief is on the menu from now on.
” A few nights later Judy leaned over to me. Cute girl wanted for attractive guy.
“You look tense, let me help you.
” Judy slipped her hand on to my pussy.
I was enchanted and excited to feel this sensual-foreign hand investigate and work its magic on me.
Judy knew all the correct buttons to push to arouse my fud.

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Probing and massaging my vagina with one and then two fingers pushed me over the edge.
I had an orgasm stronger than any triggered by self-love and soaked Judy’s hand with so much cum.
“Thank you.
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” These episodes didn’t lead us to move to the next level.
We were still both inhibited by the traditional sexual-codes; Sex other than between husband and wife was a sin.

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