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I would have loved to masturbate, but the cock cage made that impossible.
My own cock had become hard and was straining painfully against the metal cage.
I needed relief badly.
The door to my dungeon cell opened. Vulva pustule treatment.
Mistress Chloe walked in.
“Well, let me give you your handjob ratings on a one to ten scale.
The first one only gave you a four, so you’ll receive some punishment.
The second one gave you an eight, and the last two, both gave you a seven.
” I couldn’t believe that the limp dribbler had rated me so highly. Free shemale fucking shemale porn.
Maybe he couldn’t get it up properly.

The seven rating of the two black guys was disappointing, given how far they both shot their loads, courtesy of my handy work.
“Time to clean you up before dinner and our evening surprise. Taraji henson is dating.
You can take off your cock cage, so that you can clean that pathetic wiener of yours.
But if you stroke it I will cane you severely.
Now follow me.
” She handed me the key, I unlocked the cage and freed my poor penis. Fewewfewg www livesex chet com.
It was still hard and it took me some time to get the cage off.
Mistress Chloe led me to another room in the basement.
It had a concrete floor with a drain in the middle and a garden hose attached to the wall.

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Mistress Chloe handed me a bar of soap and told me to stand in the middle of the room hands above my head.
She took the hose, aimed the spray nozzle at me and hosed me down.
The water was cold.
I quickly soaped up and she rinsed me again with that hard cold water stream. Irysik1991 adult webcam chat with barley.
Needless to say my dick had shriveled to a mere one incher.
Mistress Chloe threw a towel at me, and after drying off, I put back on my cock cage and was led back to my cell.

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