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She matched his ardor with her fingers, increasing the pressure on her clit.
The itch inside her grew sharp.
She knew that she was going to come hard – and soon.
Steve’s face turned red, he clenched his teeth, and growled every time he slammed his cock home into her depths. Black monster cum.
Some small part of her recognized that he was on the verge of an eruption, but she was too close to care.
“About to come! Oh fuck me!” She cried out.
Once again, her climax took her by surprise.
One moment it was swelling, and then the bubble burst. Lingerie bowl models.
Her fingers froze over her clit, pushing hard against the swollen bud.
Her back arched up from the bed, and her mouth dropped open in a silent scream.
Spots danced before her eyes before the scream trapped in her throat managed to escape, allowing her to suck in a noisy breath, only to cry out again moments later.

Nipple rub.
Steve paused, holding her tight up against him, his cock buried inside her and throbbing.
His breath came in hard, rapid bursts, which she could hear even over her cries and her own heavy breathing.
A jolt of orgasmic energy passed through her body, centering painfully in her nipples. Facial surgery post op.
Allie pinched the hard nubs, her head lashing back and forth from the ecstasy permeating her.
As before, multiple orgasms took hold of her.
Every throb of his big cock inside her sent her streaking to the heights of pleasure again. San fernando nude photos.
The chain continued for what felt like an eternity, and then settled into a warm glow.

She let out a long, languid moan, and lifted her head so that she could see his cock stretching her pussy.
When she let her head fall back to the bed, she asked, “Did you.
?” “No, but that was too close. Public agent compilation.
You’re incredible when you come.
” “I love the way you make me come,” she countered.
She was hardly sure that she was ready, but she couldn’t wait any longer.
“Give it to me.
Fuck me and come all over me.
” “Oh yeah,” he groaned, and his hips went into motion again. Outdoor anal gangbang videos.
Allie knew that she hadn’t quite recovered enough with his very first thrust.
Pain-tinged bolts of leftover bliss ripped through her, causing her to cry out.