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It pulls us like beautiful music, vessels seeking the other out like mist silently clinging to a storm’s vast cloudbank, immovable to the naked eye, but fragile to the touch.

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Before then, I shuttered my heart, waiting to be moved by a message shooting across the night sky, something beyond what any human hands could craft and manipulate.
It’s just not enough to know, to tease me with a map of where lines might be crossed. Creativity dating empowering god greek love message sex spiritual wisdom.
Something took me into this room with you, so tell me a tale while we have time to jealously swarm over one another , so taste me in this dangerous territory, blameless with the engines driving, edging us closer and closer.

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It pulls us like a song, we’ve always made the most visceral music when together, melodies are like bullets in the unskilled hands of careless vessels only knowing how to strike targets.
Immovable to the naked eye, fragile to the touch, but we know so much better and keep the chambers loaded, we know all about pullled triggers And I sought you long before the hammer finally clicked , long before a mad rush pierced you. Groping belly.
I shuttered my heart once, longed to feel this vessel moved by a message beyond curious hands, something to chart the entirety of this dangerous territory.

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