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I realized how much Nes loved me and would do anything to make us happy and wealthy.
Nes was ready to do anything to please him! Moreover, I was going to make lots of money! Therefore, we were in a win-win situation after all we are businessmen. Solo shemale nude pic.
My slut horny wife told Prince Abdul if he would honour us and come with us to our superb villa for dinner.
He accepted our invitation with joy.
At the villa, by the swimming pool, we enjoyed some Moroccan and Spanish dishes with some fine French red wine.

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Around midnight, my slut wife, with her sexy voice, asked our guest if he would be interested to spend some quality time and relax in our beautiful spa.
“Oh that’s a great idea.
I think I need that after a long and tiring day!!!” Nes had already had plans for us! Girls looking for girls. First, she took us to the sauna for about half an hour, and then we moved to the Jacuzzi where we enjoyed our favourite drinks! In the Jacuzzi, Nes sat next to me and was facing our Prince.
The Prince gently asked Nes to put some Arabic music. Girls on girls nakes.
“How about some belly dancing music, I will entertain you Sir!” “You’re such a lovely lady Nes! I just….
huuum I just….
!” Without loosing a second, Nes jumped out of the Jacuzzi with her monster booty facing Prince Abdul. Asian dildo webcam.
She turned the music on and started to perform the sexiest belly dance of her life.
She turned our Prince on by her wild, sexy belly dance, and by her massive ass!

He struggled to hide his growing cock. Gangbang teen movies.
A few minutes later, and under the effect of alcohol, he told me he would love to dance with Nes.
“Of course Abdul go and have fun with Nescafe!” He stood up; and put a towel around his waist to hide his hardening cock! Caption nude waitresses. He approached my slut wife and started to dance with her.
Nes pulled him towards her.
Her boobs were stuck to his hairy, muscular chest! She put both hands around his neck and rubbed herself on him to let his growing meat touch her pulpous pussy! Free pics and videos of pornstar named obsession. While I was enjoying a glass of champagne, Nes turned around and from the way she was looking at me she seemed to be very surprised by some thing!

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