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The night after my confirmation call to Eddie I had meeting with him and Jim at the pub and was officially enrolled as one of The Network Boys. Baltimore oh swinger wife.
True to their recruiting spiel, things had started to happen for me within a few days.
I was enrolled for a course of driving lessons which meant that I would be tested and passed within two months, courtesy of a network member who ran a driving school. Glass hot blonde teen.
I was offered jobs, the offers were open ended and I could take any of them whenever I needed to.
I was enjoying my leisure time as a young unemployed guy living with my parents a little too much to worry about things like that.

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I lived for the day and didn’t need a lot of cash for what I was doing which amounted to no more than keeping myself fit.
Maybe a little later I’d think about moving out and making my fortune but during that long hot summer it wasn’t at the top of my priorities list. Softcore jk.
I was given a mobile phone, gratis from the network, mobiles were just emerging as the must have accessory and were turning out to be a godsend for people who ran things like this organization.
The phone was only to be used on network business, and was full of welcoming text messages from members with the numbers already saved and named in the phone’s directory. Mature web cam videos.

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