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I came over all their hot little bodies.
They all sat up and rubbed my come over their breasts.
“That was so hot.
We must do this again sometime,” Becky announced.
“You girls are incredibly sexy.
I loved drinking your cunt juices and enjoyed you all fucking me. Free trials on adult chat line.
I’m sure to have hot sexy dreams tonight!” I said.
“Frank, we all enjoyed you.
You have an amazing cock.
It’s the biggest we’ve ever seen,” Diane said.
“You can have it whenever you want,” I told her.
“Maybe when we have our blanket club every Tuesday, we can come over and play with you. Internal cock piercing.
I know we all enjoyed you drinking our juices and fucking us,” Bonnie said.
“Holy hell! What a day, I can’t believe you girls have made my day.
Thank you,” I said.
Becky and her friends all giggled and each gave me a long passionate kiss.

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Then Diane and Bonnie got dressed.
“We better be going, Frank.
I hope we’ll see you next Tuesday for some more fun,” the two girls said, blowing me a kiss goodbye.
“Bye girls.
See you next time,” I said.
Becky’s girlfriends left, leaving just Becky and me in her living room.
“Becky I can’t believe what has gone on today. Sergivan777 clip russian chat women online for sex.
It’s amazing!” I said.
“Well, we have seen you watching us for a long time and to be honest, we have been putting on our show because you do.
You see the first time you saw us, we had only been doing that for a very short time – I think it was only the third time we got together like that. Sperm donors available.
But then I saw you watching us play and a couple days later I told the other girls.
We decided then that if you continued to watch we would give you something to watch!

When I saw you in the window the next few days, I knew you would be there when the girls came over again and you were. Casual affair in adams oklahoma ok.
So we started having our Tuesday play dates just so you would watch us.
It’s really super hot knowing you were watching us.
It makes our orgasms so much better,” she explained.
“You have given me some pretty good ones too, Becky,” I told her.
“I’m glad. Mom son sexy movies online.
You are a sweet man, Frank, and you have always been a nice neighbor,” she said.
“Well, you girls are more than welcome.
You are so fucking hot and sexy – all three of you.
Thank you for letting me watch your little games,” I said.
“You know,” she said, taking hold of my cock and stroking it gently,”if he’s not too tired, we can continue this party a little longer, just the two of us.

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I didn’t get enough of that big fat cock, having to share it like that!” “I’d love it, if you want to play some more, that would be wonderful.
” Becky and I moved back down on the cum and pussy juice-stained quilt, and she straddled my hips. Live couples cams.
“Mmm, you have the biggest cock I’ve ever seen,” she said, feeling my cock hard again.
She rocked her dripping pussy over the bulge, letting it massage her pussy and clit.
“It’s a big one, darling.
I’m nine inches. Free iphone porn dildo cam.
I’m going to make sure you feel every inch, if you want,” I told her.
“Oooh, Frank, baby, I’m going to rock your world,” Becky said.
“Now that I have you all to myself for now, why don’t you just lay back and let me suck your big fat cock. Black bbw squirting.
“Anything you say, sexy girl!” I said.