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Belana started a fire, then joined Richart for some bread and bacon.
They prepared the rabbits and cook them over the fire as they huddled close to each other.
The warmth of the fire was a welcome change from being cold. Local fairmont girls nude.
After having some more bread and the rabbit, Belana took the blanket from the sack.
They lay down under the blanket, Richart pulled Belana close to him.
They drifted off to a well-deserved sleep.
They woke early, and set out for Iyesgarth with the Valee Stone. Girls with sex chats from nigeria.
Over the next three days, walking again, gradually became more challenging.

Though traveling over the steep hills, fields of rock and the river of ice cold water, seemed easier.
Each night, they were passionately intimate. Ilovestoresi free teen webcam chat rooms.
The two lovers were falling deeper in love.
On the fifth day, they arrived back at Iyesgarth.
Briehalt, Father Reybal, Grisel and the rest of the villagers were waiting.
Belana and Richart were greeted with hugs, handshakes and kisses. Sex dating in broad run.
Everyone was dressed in their best clothes.
“Dalbinth, is dead!” shouted Richart.
Cheers erupted from the villagers.
When the greetings were over, Belana removed the Valee Stone from her sack.

Holding it up high, she shouted.
“The stone, of life!” Again, cheers erupted from the villagers.
“Here Father, the stone,” Belana handed the stone over.
“Thank you, thank you both. Granny flirt at dentist on burlington bl.
Let us return it to the church.
Everyone followed Father Reybal.
Belana and Richart were surprised that the church had been completely repaired.
Once inside, Father Reybal placed the stone in its rightful place behind the altar. One boob bigger than the other naked fuckbook 2018.

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