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Ursula had cum for the fifth time! “I bet, you never tried fire-play.
Did you?” asked Alex.
What could I say, except stare in confusion? “Please Alex, I need to pee!” I finally broke my silence.
“Flip her over!” Alex commanded. Lil wanye nude pics.
Alex gave a hand, as we turned Ursula over.
Alex pulled Ursula’s legs down; so that she stood; bent over at the waist.

Moving Ursula’s legs apart; Alex spread her buttcheeks open.
Ursula’s anus was still gaping at about three inches. Lap dancing nude on tumblr.
“Peeehhh…” Alex said with a wicked grin.
I had my weirdest dream come true! I couldn’t hold on any longer; as I rammed my cock into Ursula’s colon; to the hilt.
I held it there; as I felt my piss rising through my shaft.

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As I started urinating, Ursula again tried to break free.
I was confused initially.
But then, I realised the reaction my hot urine would be having; on her tormented anal mucous.
As I was peeing; Alex smeared the lower two rings of the big, ‘bombshell’ butt-plug; with the anal-lube. Dating a marshall amp.
This toy was a monster! It had six rings of increasing size to the base.

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