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The vibe on the other hand is the closest I could find in size and shape to my cock.
It has a powerful dual action, although I have to admit it was unfortunate I could only get it in that lurid purple colour!” They laughed as Mandy inspected the vibrator which wasn’t huge, but had a bulbous end and thick veins. Sonny lehan videosexy movi.
She had to admit it wasn’t entirely unlike the real thing, apart from the horrible colour.
“And the lube, that was chosen for its viscosity, rheology and very low coefficient of friction, which make it the most suitable for what I have in mind. Hot kiss xxx lovers.

Plus its strawberry flavoured!” “I’m impressed that you’ve put so much effort into making the right purchases, but I guess I wouldn’t expect anything less of you when it comes to giving me pleasure,” said Mandy.
“I do aim to please!” exclaimed John “Now the proof of the pudding is in the eating, as the saying goes,” “Honey you can eat my pud anytime you want,” Mandy breathed huskily.
“Mmm you know I love to eat your pudenda,” teased John.
“But right now I’ve got other things in mind!” “I think I know exactly what’s on YOUR mind!” Said Mandy and with that she rolled over wiggling her ample bottom provocatively.
“Now first we have to make sure you’re comfortable,” said John and he helped Mandy peel off what remained of her ripped tights.

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Then he plumped up two pillows and placed them under Mandy’s tummy, raising her bottom up to ease his access.
John couldn’t resist his desire for her bottom.
He lovingly stoked and kissed each cheek, moving slowly and deliberately towards her delicate rosebud. Girl alone finger fucking pussy gif.

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