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When the last button came free he flipped the sides of my dress open, exposing my matching white bra and panties.
Taking me in his strong arms, we made out like a couple of horny teenagers.
Our lips were soon engaged in deep hot wet tongue kisses, our tongues dancing passionately in each other’s mouth.

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I could feel his hands exploring my body.
When I reached up and ran my hand down his hard abs, he moved up my soft curves until he reached my breasts.
As his strong work-hardened hands kneaded my breasts and pinched my erect nipples, my fingertips grazed the waistband of his Levis and ran over the tip of his rock hard cock. Chelsea lately upskirt.
I couldn’t believe it was sticking up that far.

He must be huge.
I had to have him.
I sat up and pushed him down next to me, as I unbuttoned his Levis and lowered his zipper.
When his cock sprung free, it was so long that it nearly hit me in the face. Sex dating in grandview tennessee.
It was un-cut and at least eight inches long, fat and with a nicely trimmed bush.
Opening my mouth I slipped the swollen reddish/purple head of his cock between my moist red lips and engulfed him in my warm mouth. Looking for a girl that loves to get oral.

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