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He will be bringing your truck back to the ranch, I want you and Madison to ride back with me.
” The trip back to the ranch house was horrible for both Madison and me.
We couldn’t look at each other without bursting out sobbing. Amateur black suck penis and squirt.
When we arrived, Todd Higgins and Missy were waiting.
Their eyes were bloodshot and you could see that they were just as stunned as we were.
The sheriff told us, “I’ll keep you both informed of what is transpiring. Jayden pierson cute blonde blowjob.
The ME was on his way there when I left.
Their bodies will be transported to the morgue.
Let me know the funeral home you will be using and I will pass that information on to the ME.
“The same one that was used for my dad,” Madison said.
“Jackson-Riley Funeral Home if that is okay with Randy.
” I had a hard time saying this, “That’s okay with me, I would not have any idea who to use.
” Todd and Missy escorted both of us into the house.

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We all sat down in the living room.
The Higgins told us how sorry they were and how much Essie meant to them.
Madison and I told them of our appreciation of their concern.
I asked Todd to keep the wheels on Ward and Ward for a few days. Norway girls nude.
Madison told him to pass his ranch work onto his head foreman also.
We talked a few minutes longer before Todd said, “Call us if you need anything, we will leave you now unless you want us to stay.
” “You don’t have to stay, Randy and I have a lot to discuss and make the arrangements for the funeral. Xxx fisted old wife.
Thank you two for being here for us.
” Todd and Missy showed themselves out of the house.
“I remember what Mom went through when Dad passed.
I will call the funeral home and then we can meet with them.

I’m so sorry that this has happened to you Randy. Free mature transexual pics.
I know how much you love her and she loves you.
That truth will always be there for you.
Just think of her being with Duke now and someday you will be with her also.
Me too.
” “Thanks Madison, I’m heartbroken. Real homemade ebony nude.
I know, as they say, ‘Time will heal’, but that is no help right now.
” We spent the rest of the day answering calls and making a few also.
My Mom and Dad were coming down right away to be with me.
I liked that, they would know how to keep my spirits up. Girls from appleton new york nude.
The news of the accident spread like wildfire once the TV reporters came on scene.
There were pictures of the plane, I could see how no one could have survived.
The jet must have been up close to rotation speed when the crash happened.

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The NTSB was on the scene and preliminary reports, gathered from witnesses, pointed to a landing gear problem.
The plane veered off the runway and hit an embankment that was away, but parallel to the runway. Play sim girls dating simulator cheats.
That is what destroyed the plane and the lives within it.
It happened so fast there was nothing the pilots could have done to avoid the accident.
I was surprised by how many people were available to support Madison and me. Female naked suck penis orgy.
Essie was a very popular woman and had many friends.
The funeral was well attended, it was held outdoors, under a tent, because of the large crowd.
The sheriff said the procession of cars to the grave site numbered well over two hundred. Hollyxstacy tv chat cam video.
When I returned home, the loneliness hit me.

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