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He settled back down.
“No, Luke.
She’s coming with us.
” “With.
with you?” “Yes, Luke,” he said, looking down at him, then suddenly lifting his head and smiling in the direction of the hallway.
Lorraine was there, looking beautiful in her red party dress and smiling pleasantly.
“She’s coming with us.
” Lorraine stepped into the room and slid into Ratcliff’s side, snaking an arm around him and snuggling in, looking as though she belonged there. Alive dead nude volleyball.
Ratcliff angled his head and leaned down and Lorraine kissed his cheek.
As Luke sat silently, Mr.
Monroe slid up next to her and she turned and kissed him as well.
She had an overstuffed bag slung across one shoulder and Monroe took it from her.
“As I said, she’s much further along,” Ratcliff said to Luke.
“We’re taking her to the Union Hall, to work with her.

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” Lorraine turned and beamed at Luke, proud and happy.
“To polish her up, for her certification exam.
” The three of them turned for the door as Luke rose, following.
“With hard work, she’ll be a certified sub in a week,” Ratcliff said over his shoulder.
“Bu– but what about me?” Luke trailed plaintively.
“What about my Dom certification?” The trio stopped and the two business agents shared a glance. Gay dildo anal play.
Monroe turned back to him as Ratcliff exited the apartment with Lorraine.
“Call the number,” he advised.
“Go to the Assessment Center.
” He broke into a telling smirk.
“They’ll let you know.
” “How to be a Dom?” Monroe chuckled.
“Luke,” he said patiently.
“You jerked off and came all over yourself watching us fuck both ends of your girlfriend.

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Go to the Center.
Bring your notes.
” He shook his head with dismay.
“But while I don’t think they’ll send you for Dom training,” he smiled, “you do seem to have a natural inclination.
” Luke felt his spirits rise. Free south african porno without registering.
“Really?” “Oh, definitely,” Mr.
Monroe grinned as he turned for the door.
“This time next month, I’m pretty sure you’ll be at the top of your class in Cuckold School!” Luke stared silently as the door closed behind the Guild Business Agent, leaving him alone in his soiled shirt, his memories, and the scent of his own semen floating up to his nostrils. Big ass creamy pussy.

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