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Sweat dripped from my forehead onto her bare breasts, my shirt wet and sticking to my skin, my tie still – ludicrously – neatly tied around my neck.
Eventually I leaned over and kissed Penny softly on the nipples then on her lips, and ran my fingers through her tousled hair. Angel_ sex chat flash 123.
Very slowly, I began to stand up, gently sliding my cock out of her spent, sore body.
As my limp cock slid out of her wide vagina, Penny seemed to grab the table top for balance and as the cool air in the room caught the wetness of her vulva, she shivered. _borealis_ sexvideo online cz.
Slowly, carefully, she pushed herself upright, and then stood facing me, her smart pin striped skirt still in a rumpled ring round her waist, the dark cravat still tied around her throat.
I must have looked ridiculous in my sweaty rumpled shirt and neat silk tie, my suit trousers and boxer shorts around my ankles, my cock, red and wet with our combined juices, hanging down below my shirt tails.

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Penny leaned against the table and smiled at me, her eyes soft, her pupils dark and enormous in the afterglow of her climax.
I held out a hand, taking her fingers in mine and drew her towards me.
I held her close for a minute, her head against my chest. Big tits redhead pov.
I could feel her heart beating fast against my breast and my own heart keeping pace with hers.
The clock in the hallway chimed eight.
“Oh God!” Penny exclaimed.
“I’ve got to be in a meeting in an hour.
” She laughed.
“Just look at me!” She looked just perfect, I thought, imagining my semen deep within her slender body, at that moment deeply resenting the fact that another man had any claim over her.
“And you’re not much better!” She continued.

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I looked at my trousers bunched around my ankles and couldn’t argue.
I grinned in sticky embarrassment.
I pulled my boxers and trousers up over my sore cock and Penny led me quickly upstairs.
We showered quickly in separate bathrooms and tried to get ready for work. Diminished sex drive.
While Penny dried her hair, I descended to the kitchen and made yet more coffee, waiting for her to join me.
When she finally came downstairs, her face was still flushed pink from her orgasm and, in the tantalising ‘v’ of the new blouse she had chosen, I could see her chest was blotchy and pink. Top tan porn star.

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