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Michelle sat between my legs and her back rested against me.
Time seemed irrelevant and the rest of the world ceased to exist; the only reality was the two of us and the sea.
“Ray, I have not felt so at peace as I do right now. Dicks amateur pics.
Not for such a long time,” she whispered as she shifted position sightly to rest her head on my right shoulder, her back against my right leg.
“I love it here.
” She looked out toward the azure horizon and seemed to be lost in the moment. Free web cam sex in oldham pay by fone.
The Pacific was living up to it’s name; the waves were small and gently rolled onto the rocks below our feet.
“I love you.
” Her words floated to my ears from some far off place.
The individual words slowly melded together; they drifted into my consciousness like a sea gull gliding on the currents. Violent_bloom chat video free eros.
“I mean it.
I really do love you.
Being here only intensifies…” I leaned forward and tenderly kissed her lips, cutting her off in mid-sentence.
“I know exactly what you mean, and I love you as well.

Um… sorry, that sounded so… sorry, struggling to find the right words.
” I smiled and looked deeply into her liquid eyes.
“This is our place.
” She placed her finger across my mouth to stop me from speaking. Cuties shemales free gallery.
Inwardly I was so thankful.
Michelle snuggled in closer, her arms encircled me tightly.
An intense feeling of inner happiness welled in my heart together with an overall tranquillity.
It washed over us like the white foam of the waves as they gently ran across the rocks and sand. South milford indiana girls casual encounters.
My right hand draped casually over her chest and lightly covered her breast as she snuggled in.
As if by instinct the index finger began to trace a soft trail over the material of her top.
It was the barest of touches but soon a noticeable bump of a hardened nipple became evident.
“Mmmm, that feels nice,” she said in a hushed voice. Dating erupean girls.
With a subtle movement she brought her mouth to my neck and lightly brushed her lips in response to sensuousness of the moment.

Her hand softly caressed my chest keeping time with the strokes of my finger. Auditions cum on legs.
My eyes wandered down across her slender torso and I could not help but notice that the hem of her skirt had ridden up her thigh.
Like a moth to a flame my fingers glided down to caress her crotch.
Tenderly I eased them flat across the material of her knickers feeling the warmth of her womanhood beneath. Casual teen sex casual sex with gorgeous teeny.
She made no attempt to stop me so I slid my hand under the waist band to be greeted by her mound which was already awash with her juices.
Neither of us dared to speak, the moment was just too special.
I simply explored the top of her cleft and easily located her hardened clitoris. Skingolddick x nxx leittle sexy videoa.

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