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Christmas day, love remember that in the distance there is a person who loves you, thinks of you, and misses you.
A dream, seen you by my side.
I would give my life to see you happy and always smiling.
My love you are my complete happiness, my greatest gift, my best inspiration. Es ginevra cam4.
A rose for the times we shared and the memories we made.

A thank you for being someone I can trust.
for accepting me as I am.
A smile for forgiving the mistakes I’ve made; for taking the time to listen, even if you do not understand me or you do not agree with me. Naked girls of tibet.
A hug for being there when I need you.
A kiss on the cheek for letting me be there when you needed someone.
A glimpse of hopes, dreams and feelings we share.

Your actions that speak louder than words.
Thank you for that. Chezzaluna sex arabc video com.
Thank you for knowing when to speak and when to listen.
Your smile brings happiness to my world, you are one of the most beautiful gifts of life.
I wish you Merry Christmas, with all my love.
from now until forever. Savanna samson dp anal orgy.
It was meant to be After a month you came back beautiful as always send the pic to that still makes me smile You weren’t mine you stayed in my heart though you came back for me but respected my relationship another You stayed with me my relationship did not bother you I made you my best friend You made me realize how much I loved you I was lost with you in heart but loyal to her not able to say the three words We flirted every day every night every chance we got We took it to far once or twice but we tried to keep it friendly to keep it inside You were there when she left me When it all came to light, While I was fighting against your charm She hadn’t bothered. Horny young shemales free sites.