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” His cock felt so good rubbing my pussy, I wanted it in me but I didn’t ruin my friendship with Stacy.
I didn’t think I could take it any longer so I rolled Tom over on his back and got on top of him.
I started kissing Tom and then I began to rub Tom’s cock with my pussy, which was dripping wet. Desi lydic upskirt.
His dick head was lined up with the folds of my pussy lips.
I moved my hips back and his cock moved inside my pussy, just a little.
Tom moaned “don’t stop.
” I was too far gone now and there was no way I was stopping. Illustrations of femdom.
I started rocking back and forth fucking just the tip of his cock.

Tom started moving his hips up pushing his cock farther and farther into my pussy.
There was no going back now, so I was just ground my pussy into his eager cock. Bare naked ladies god.
We were pumping in unison as his cock filled my pussy.
He had been pumping hard into for a while when told me he was about to cum.
He went stiff and shot his load into my pussy.
I rolled off Tom and gave him a big kiss. Free face to face webcam 4 sex video chat.
I told him we were in big trouble.
Sam and Stacy weren’t going to be happy that we fucked when I agreed to only do oral.
About then we heard some noise upstairs.

It was Stacy moaning real loud.
Tom told me that was the sound that Stacy makes when she is being fucked and is cumming. Taking applications for lover.
He also made the comment that he hadn’t heard that noise in while.
I told him that I’m going to the bathroom and he should sneak up there and see if they were fucking.
I went the bathroom and wiped out my cum filled pussy. Meet and fuck spfld il.
As I left out of the bathroom I could see Tom walking down the stairs with his soft cock wagging between his legs.

Boob burst.

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