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Somehow the pleasure she had from Eva was the best one ever.
Eventually it all had to end as Lisa was rubbed down properly but when she stood up naked Eva gave her one final rub down, Lisa gave Eva a hug to which Eva just smiled. Hot guy visiting the allentown pennsylvania.
In the coming week, Lisa would try it out with two more employees, one was an Asian woman and the other was a Latino male but both were sub par.
One day Lisa came to the place and decided that she would ask about Eva.
“Hey, where can I find Eva?” asked Lisa.
“Eva is massaging a guy, and after that, she will be done,” said the employee.
“Ugh, dammit! Real life fluffy amateur sex. Why the fuck do you people have such screwed up hours? She is the only fucking employee worth a damn,” said Lisa irritated.
“Mam, calm down, she is done after this massage,” said the employee.
“Look, I’ll pay this shithole like fifty extra bucks if you can get Eva to stay,” said Lisa.

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The employee said he would do his best.
He told Eva about Lisa, and Lisa went in for the massage in the room.
Again, she was brought back to life and moaning in pleasure as Eva dug her pale fingers into Lisa’s tanned skin. Community sexx.
The latina would also massage Lisa’s lower back and lift the towel off of her ass as she massaged the blonde’s nice round buttocks.
While Eva was doing this Lisa was hoping maybe Eva could play with her asshole but unfortunately Eva didn’t do that. Adult dating a minor.
Towards the end Eva used one of her hands to massage Lisa’s pussy as Lisa was laying down.
“Yes you are the best Eva, the best there is,” said Lisa smiling and moaning with her eyes closed as Eva smiled back.

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Lisa’s heart rate was rising as she moaned and could feel Eva’s cold hands on her warm body.
When the massage was over, the naked Lisa hugged Eva and then talked to her.
“Eva is there anyway I can book you? Monster boob porn movies. I will pay extra,” said Lisa.
“Sure, how about you come to my place and same cost yes?” asked Eva in her accent.
“Yes!” yelled Lisa as she hugged Eva again.
A few days later Lisa would text Eva and drive to her apartment which was in a very nice location. Samples of sex in literature.
Eva also worked as a nurse and sometimes even an escort where she received a good amount for her services.

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