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But what’s this I feel?” In this position you start to feel my stiffening arousal against your leg, though still trapped in my pants.
You slide off my lap, kneeling in front of me.
You unzip my pants, and lift my hips, allowing you to pull my pants and boxers off, releasing my swollen, throbbing shaft. Latina creampie gallery tgp.
You take my rigid manhood in your hands, stroking it a couple times, looking me in the eye.
Then you kiss the tip.
I raise an eyebrow.
“Are you being a cock-tease little one?” “Does Daddy like having his. Sexy moms nude in bed.
big cock teased?” you ask.
Then your mouth envelops my penis, taking it all in as you struggle to touch your nose to my stomach.
Your eyes start to water before you pull back and start getting your tongue involved, swirling it around the head and then back to sucking it as deep as you can.

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After a couple minutes of your oral ministrations, during which you make eye contact with me several times (I really love that), I pull you up to your feet as I stand.
I scoop you up in my arms and whisper in your ear with a sultry voice that I know drives you crazy, “You’ve gotten me quite worked up my darling. woman lookin for sex.
I’m not gonna be gentle tonight.
” I gently bite your ear as I walk towards the bedroom.
I lay you down slowly and kiss you deeply as you embrace me with one arm (the other hand is busy stroking my cock. Xxx in web cam sex.
as it should be).
You lay back as I back up in between your legs and spread them wide.

I slip a finger inside you as my tongue finds your little love nub.
Within a minute your eyes start to roll back in your head as you near an intense climax. Dani dare feet.
I suddenly back off.
Your eyes open, and you plead with me.
“Please Daddy I need to cum so baaaaad! Please don’t stop I’m begging you!” “This time you have to wait for permission, my horny little lover.
” “Hmph.
” You pout for a second, then with a rebellious look in your eye, you reach down to your swollen lips to try to provide the release you crave so badly. Interracial femdom handjobs.
But I’m too quick, and I grab your hands, pinning them on the bed and I straddle you.
I lean in close, looking you in the eye as my lips get close to yours.

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