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She even wondered whether any of her friends wished that they were in her position.
So, now she realised she both hated and loved being humiliated.
As she waited for the cane she could not help herself saying, “I am so sorry Miss, I won’t spy on you again and know I deserve this punishment from you. Women peeing in porto potties.
” She even knew that she now wanted to be punished in front of her friends and family and that she would masturbate afterwards.
Dale couldn’t resist looking behind again and seeing not just the bare legs of Emma, but also a school dress which reminded her that she was about to be caned by a college girl from the college where she taught. Sex chat discrate.
Once again, she was worried because of the pain that she was about to suffer, but aroused because this was exactly her long-held fantasy.

She had so often thought that young women of eighteen-years of age or so were exactly right to act as disciplinarians for adult women much older than themselves but who showed a lower level of maturity. Mary33 video popno sex.
Dale recognised that she was very immature for her sixty-years of age, whilst Emma was far more mature than her years.
Of course, Dale enjoyed playing around thinking that she was a much younger woman than she was, and was so pleased that Amy and Emma had taken it on themselves to discipline her in exactly the way that a teenager should be disciplined by her maternal mother or teacher, albeit that this was very much in reverse with the teenager disciplining a woman old enough to be a granny.

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As Dale thought these things and felt the cane rubbed from side to side across her bottom, still fearing the pain to come, she knew that she was on the verge of an orgasm as well.
This was so much better than fantasising and masturbating as she fantasied,. Irynnahot chaterbate com.
She had always been worried that if ever the fantasy had come to real life then she would regret it, but, so far, the humiliation was exactly what she had hoped it would be like, the spanking had been as hard and erotic as she fantasied, and now, she hoped that the cane would complete her fantasy. Hot sexy female south portland maine.

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