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Two people actually.
Your name doesn’t happen to be Kay, does it?” She nodded.
“Are you Diya’s friend?” she asked.
I nodded.
“Sorry!” she said.
“I didn’t mean to come off like a bitch.
It’s just.
Well, you know how guys can be in bars. Beijing shemale bars.
Especially in hotels.
” “No offense taken,” I answered.
“Diya is running late,” she said.
“Yeah, she sent me a text.
” “So take a seat,” she responded.
“I’ll buy you a drink to make up for earlier.
” I sat down next to her and she ordered a drink for me and a refill for herself.
“I feel like I’ve seen you before,” she said.
“I get that feeling a lot because I travel so much. Teen couple anal.
I see a lot of vaguely familiar faces.
Dallas, right? American Airlines?” I nodded.
I’m on a flight out of there pretty much every Monday morning,” I responded.
“Me too.
You live in the area?” I nodded again.
“Me too,” she said.
“And I work in the north a lot. Ann angel masturbation.
I’m almost always flying to O’Hare or JFK.
” “I’ve seen you on the O’Hare flight,” I responded.
“I connect through there a lot.
” We continued to chat about travel and work while we waited.

Diya hadn’t exaggerated. Modesto whores.
Kay was witty and a little wicked and fun to talk to.
We sat chatting for half an hour before Diya showed up.
Then we all went to dinner.
We split two bottles of wine with our meal and then ordered something stronger after the meal. Permission to jack off.
After the first one, Kay opened a satchel she was carrying and produced a bottle of high-end Scotch.
“We should be drinking this,” she said.
“Client gave it to me today to celebrate the end of the project. Rabitdildo pornos.
I looked it up and it’s a $200 bottle of whiskey.
” “Let’s have some then,” Diya suggested.
She called the waiter and asked if we could have some glasses with ice, but he refused when he saw the bottle and said that outside liquor wasn’t permitted in the restaurant or bar. Dads perverted friend.
Obviously, because they wanted to sell their own overpriced drinks.
“Well, another time then,” Diya said.
“Fuck them,” Kay responded.
“I’m not paying for more of their drinks if they can’t bend the rules.

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Just come up to my room and have a couple,” she suggested.
As much as I enjoyed talking to Kay, I was actually hoping to end the evening and get back to Diya’s hotel room to fuck.
Diya seemed to be on the fence. Access denied when updating drivers.
When Kay kept pushing she agreed that we should go up and have a drink.
The whiskey was smooth and potent.
One drink quickly turned into three.
We were talking a laughing sitting around a small table in the room. Best sex site.
And we were getting very drunk.
“I feel like dancing,” Kay said.
“Let’s go out.
” Diya glanced at me and then back to Kay.
“I don’t think so, ” Diya said.
“It’s getting late.
” Kay looked at the clock.
“Since when is 11 late to you?” she asked.
“We kind of had plans,” Diya responded.
“At 11 p. Aria anderson.

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