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Every woman he touched with his ivy staff became an animal in heat.
The younger and the older alike stripped, and found their bodies more beautiful than they’d ever remembered.
The touched themselves, exploring the softness of their naked skin, cupping each breast in the palm as if weighing it, fondling the outline of their legs and thighs and calves and then flinging themselves back into the grass and shouting out to trees, feeling free and mad and alive.

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Then they’d fall on each other, eager to feel more, long and untamed hair spreading underneath those who laid back and hanging over the shoulders of those who got on top.
Soft breasts pressed together as open mouths met.

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Hands and fingers found each other, wrapping in knots.
Nearby, they were dimly aware of what the others were doing, and the wet ache coming on urged them on to the same thing.
But not yet.
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What a wonderful thing, to be free and not to have to think about anything except this moment and the feel of warm flesh, the taste of good wine, and the music of moans and cries.

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