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My legs wraps around his neck, keeping him in place as the orgasm hits me.
I throw my head back and cover my face with the pillow.
I scream into the pillow as I cum hard, my body shakes as Victor continues to suck and lick my clitoris. Gisele webcam videos.
My legs loosen around his neck, and I squirm in place as the orgasm fades, but lingers.
Oh god, Victor, stop.
Stop,” I beg, unable to take anymore.
I pull him up and he attacks my mouth with his and kisses me passionately, sharing my juices on his face with me. Nude albanian women.
I moan into his mouth, as he massages my breast.
“They’ll be up soon,” he whispers.
“I know,” I reply, running my fingers through his hair.
“Fuck me, Victor.
Fuck me before we are interrupted.
” He didn’t need to be told twice. Turtle fetish americanindian sybl.

He pushes off me and spread my legs wide open for him.
The air hits my pussy and I whimper in pleasure, anticipating the moment when his cock will be buried inside of me.
He takes a moment to appreciate the juices leaking down my ass before lining his cock to my pussy. Free pussy miyazu.
He stares at me softly, full of lust and raw passion.
I nod my head and he pushes his cock into me in one hard swift thrust.
My head is thrown back and my mouth opens to scream in pleasure, but as if knowing that I would scream, Victor covers my mouth, muffling the scream. Cigarette feet.
He doesn’t pause for a second.
His hips pounds into me, making me full of ecstasy.
I moan quietly, my breathing labored as his thick, long cock slowly and forcefully moves inside of me.
His hot breath hits my ear as he breathes deeply, his moans and groans turns me on more. He got scared dating.
With every thrust he delivers, he forces me into submission, making me want to do everything to please him.
“Dee,” Victor moans my name.
“God, Dee, you’re so fucking hot and tight.

Do you like this? Do you feel good too?” We stare each other in the eye and I nod my head, unable to find my voice.
“No, Dee. Winamac porn sexy live.
I want to hear you say it.
You have always been the goody goody two-shoes.
Now I have seen how fucking naughty and sexy you can be.
Talk dirty, baby.
Tell me what you like,” he coaxes.
“I like how your cock fills me up, making me feel like I am so full. Angelrain96 crossdresser chatroom.
I like how each hard thrust makes my body tingle with pleasure.
I like your beautiful thick cock.
I need you, Victor.
I need you to make me cum.
Make me cum, Victor.
” He smiles and kisses me before he lifts himself up, grabbing my legs.

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He holds onto my calf and lift my legs up, spreading them open wider as he moves his cock in and out of my pussy.
“Oh god, Victor.
That feels amazing,” I moan, knowing it’s what he wants to hear.
The penetration is deeper and I fight to contain my moans of pleasure. Milf upskirt smoking.
My hands fly to my mouth and my teeth bites down on my thumb.
Victor continues to move his hips with force that shoots pleasure throughout my body.
“Suck your fingers for me, baby,” Victor says to me, slowing his pace. Dating my martin guitar.
I stick my index finger into my mouth and moan as I imagine his cock in my mouth instead.
“Oh hell yes,” he moans.
Dee you’re so fucking exotic.
” I purr softly, and take my index finger out of my mouth, bringing it to my nipple and began to tug on it. Sexy blonde college coed.

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