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No porn film had ever had a manhood like this.
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Just another porn film ploy.
This was different.
It was fat, nearly filling the pint glass in circumference.

It was so long, the pint glass was dangling off the end like a coffee mug would off mine.
It was perfect, no blemishes, thick and throbbing. Asian softcore solo.
Alice was in shock, and then she smiled and said, “Joe, you haven’t dropped that beautiful cock to the base, therefore you have failed.
” She smiled again.
“Joe, we didn’t decide on a forfeit, what’s your forfeit?” I butted in.

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“Joe’s forfeit should be a good one.
I’ve got an idea.
Joe’s forfeit should be to kiss your bald, wet pussy!” They both looked shocked, but I figured, this man is making me look small in front of my wife. Nasty pussy united kingdom.
There’s no way he’ll be better than me at going down on her.
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